Casa Kiwi, Mompiche | Hostel Review

Double room with shared bathroom, $15 per night

(就像我们获得了discoun呆了三周t, meaning our room averaged out at $11.50 per night.)

We fell in love with Mompiche and stayed in Casa Kiwi the first time we visited. On our return three days later we could find nothing that suited us better - and so this small, family run hostel became our home for nearly a month.


Bar a couple of hostels, Casa Kiwi is pretty much the closest you can get to the beach, but as Mompiche is just a small village you're still not very far from anything else! All restaurants and shops are right on your doorstep.

what they did well

Perhaps it was because we were there for so long, but Casa Kiwi felt a little like home. The shared bathroom rooms, whilst basic have a number of nice little features such as cute lamps, driftwood tables and knick knacks on shelves and the large mosquito mesh windows provide a lot of light and some much needed ventilation.

The staff here are also very helpful, although not intrusive. They were always happy to listen to and help out with our queries - big or small!

And they happen to have two awesome dogs and two lazy cats. Macchu is a Peruvian Hairless dog and, despite first impressions, you'll learn to love him. Baloo, the other pooch, is the friendliest thing ever and will always nudge you for more strokes (be sure to give him a good scratch between the shoulder blades and watch his legs quiver!)

If you're looking for a night off cooking, the on-site restaurant provides some of the best food in the village.

what could they do better

The staff really could have done more when it comes to cleaning. When we first arrived, the kitchen was frankly a little disgusting, and after more than a week there it still hadn't been properly cleaned - eventually we had to ask. Also, our rooms didn't get a look in during our entire three week stay. As our valuables were usually scattered throughout the room, we didn't mind too much, choosing to change our own sheets and sweep out the floors but it would have been nice to have it offered every now and again.

The kitchen (although perfectly adequate if only a couple of people want to use it at once) could do with a few more plates, knives, forks etc and the bathrooms are a bit grungy. As we've said, this is basic and budget, but we were very happy here.

value for money

There are a number of budget backpacker hostels in Mompiche, but we honestly feel like Casa Kiwi is the best for the price paid.

There were also a couple of rooms with en-suite and air con priced at around $20.


Shared kitchen, outdoor area, wifi, restaurant, surf board rental, hammocks, pets.

rating: 8

(just don't expect luxuries or a nice bathroom!)

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