our indonesian bucket list

You'd think that as avid world travellers, our bucket lists would be getting shorter. However, as it turns out, the more of this amazing world that we discover and the more people we meet that go out to explore it, the longer the lists get.

With stunning beaches, vibrant cities, great food and beautiful national parks, it's amazing that Indonesia wasn't on our bucket list sooner, but after speaking with those that have travelled this diverse archipelago, it certainly is now.

Planning a trip there? Take a look at what we can't wait to discover, and get inspired!

Seeing Orang-utans in the wild - before they disappear for good!

Originally native in their hundred of thousands to Indonesian Borneo and the island of Sumatra, deforestation, palm oil production and the illegal pet trade are responsible for the near extinction of this beautiful animal.

Such a beautiful creatures | Dupan Pandu

Such a beautiful creatures |Dupan Pandu

虽然在野外只剩下25000了,those of you that love animals as much as us, it is a relief to know that there are still places to go to see orang-utans living as they should - away from humans. Sure, it may require several days hiking through the jungle, but we're pretty sure the sight of this little face would be more than enough to convince you it was worth it!

We only hope that more can be done to help preserve these wonderful creatures in their natural habitats.

The many volcanoes of Indonesia

After two years in Latin America, a part of the world with what feels like a volcano around every corner, we can't imagine what it must be like living in Indonesia, a country with more than 130 of them (that's 13% of all the world's volcanoes!).

Bromo Sunrise || Frank Douwes

Bromo Sunrise ||弗兰克Douwes

The only problem with so many, is knowing which one to summit first. Should you go for one of the world's most active (Mount Bromo), the country's highest (Mount Ijen) or the one with the world-famous tri-colour lakes (Mount Kelimutu)?

For more information, checkthisout.

Snorkelling and Diving

We both enjoy snorkelling so much, that on our last two year trip, we had a ridiculously cumbersome snorkel and mask strapped to the front of our backpack at all times. So, it is hardly surprising that finding an amazing place to discover below the water line is high on our list when we're picking our next destination.

Diving | Krabiman

Diving |Krabiman

And, with crystal clear warm waters, a quarter of the world's fish species, 15% of it's coral and beautifully sunny days, there are few places better to do it in thanIndonesia!

The UNESCO Heritage site of Borobudur in Java

Followers of Along Dusty Roads will know that we are not huge fans of archeological ruins - and often even less so, religious ones. However, there are a handful in the world that even we have on our bucket-list -Borobuduris one such place.

Borobudur Sunrise || Justine Hong

Borobudur Sunrise ||Justine Hong

Built in the 9th Century, it is the world's largest Buddhist temple, and whilst it may no longer be inhabited (since the 14th century, the majority of Indonesia has been Muslim), it still serves as a site of pilgrimage for Buddhists - and the single most popular tourist attraction in the whole country!

The beautiful island of Bali

Many years ago, Emily spent more than a month in Bali. She lay on beaches, drank sunset beers and surfed in the warm ocean. Unfortunately, she did so with hundreds of other people.

However, despite Bali's placing as a major holiday destination for Australians and backpackers, there are still places on the island a million miles away from the hectic streets of Kuta.

美丽的海滩| |Yeowatzup

美丽的海滩| |Yeowatzup

Places such as Karma Kandara, where you will find a number of luxurious villas sitting amongst a stunning lush greenery landscape with cliff-side ocean views of tropical beaches - views you will have all to yourselves! So, go on, check out Traveloka.com to find your own slice of heaven.

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