Our Worst Ever Travel Day(s) in Latin America



This is how it went down.

Day One

book flight on-line - receive email confirming booking - ten minutes later receive email saying booking failed - have no phone so have to use skype to call - call drops out five times - internet is bad in Bolivia - go to use international phone box - electricity drops out during call - try skype again - they can't hear us then it drops out - happy hour cocktails - pay extortionate rate to use a phone on a motorway but can't hear or understand person on other side - cook noodles - bargain three times to get the correct price for a taxi to bus station - traffic is awful - arrive with two minutes to spare - receive three different answers about where the bus leaves from - find bus - told that we have to go back inside to leave luggage at an office - get told we can't go back inside by ticket man - shout at ticket man - leave luggage - run back to bus - trapped listening to a salesman telling us his tea is the cure to diabetes - fall asleep - awoke by Bolivians playing music on their phone - shout at Bolivians playing music on their phone - pass out.

bolivia brazil border crossing


5点到达公交车站——出租车司机谎言about the border opening time - enjoy coffee - take a taxi to border - arrive to see queue of about 100 people - take place in queue - three hours later, still in queue - told we need piece of paper to exit - explain that we asked for this piece of paper when we entered, but he refused to give it to us - receive piece of paper - leave Bolivia - arrive at Brazilian side of crossing to see queue of 100 people - take place in queue - one hour later, still standing in same spot - two hours later, have moved six feet - start to think what the hell is going on - start shouting at people arriving who are cutting the queue - realise efforts are futile - try to rally support from other people - realise efforts are futile - ask the lady in charge, in Spanish, what's going on - get shouted at in Portuguese - one hour later, have moved three feet - start to worry - almost get in to fight after shouting at family trying to cut in - security finally arrives - queues are rearranged - move back two feet - security leaves - carnage and queue-cutting ensues - start to really worry we won't get across - discover that only two people are working in immigration office - discover that people waiting since yesterday are still waiting in line - tour guide twat arrives asking if we want a tour - tell tour guide to piss off - tour guide tells us that there are no buses today - we do not believe tour guide - but, hurrah, tour guide offers 'top quality private car service - tell tour guide to go away - tell shouty Brazilian lady in charge that our flight (which we still don't know if we actually have) leaves tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. from a town 6 hours bus ride away - lady shouts back in Portuguese - plead with lady in mix of Portuguese and Spanish - lady tells us if we show proof, maybe we can pass - realise we have no proof of flight we're not even sure we still have a ticket for - ask if we can use anyone's phone to access email - realise our only friends in the queue are travellers, a mennonite and Bolivians who don't have phones - Andrew decides to go to an internet cafe in Bolivia (illegally) - visit first internet cafe, told there is no internet today - visit second internet cafe, told there is no internet today - visit third internet cafe, told there is internet today - discover they don't have a printer - walk 1km to ask a hotel if he can use computer and printer - internet is slow in Bolivia - print flight booking - asked to pay 5B - Andrew only has 3B remaining - charm receptionist - walk back across the border to find Emily has moved one foot - show proof to lady in charge - ENTER BRAZIL five hours after joining queue - bargain for a taxi - arrive at bus station at 2 p.m. - discover that it's actually 3 p.m. in Brazil - book ticket on next available bus - next available bus doesn't leave till 11.30 p.m. - drink beer - find supermarket - have makeshift picnic next to a skip - ask to use a phone - finally manage to speak with airline - realise that to confirm flight ticket, we need to arrive at airport two hours before flight - realise that our bus doesn't get there till one hour before - worry - shower in bus station with door that doesn't lock - board bus - sleep

Day Three

上午5.30到达机场 - 意识到现在是上午4.30-去寻找售票处 - 售票处 - 售票处直到凌晨6点才开放 - 尖叫 - 喝咖啡 - 遭受人的骚扰 - 确认票证 - 董事会航班 - 飞行 - 飞行 - 到达机场 - 到达机场 -分享餐 - 董事会第二航班 - 到达萨尔瓦多 - 尝试找到通用电话来打电话给旅馆 - 只能使用PhoneCard使用Payphone -Airport不出售PhonEcards -Charm Lady in Tourist Office允许我们手机 - 所有旅馆都已满 -旅游办公室女士的朋友推荐旅馆 - 电话旅馆 - 不了解葡萄牙 - 旅游女士帮助我们借助指示 - 不了解葡萄牙人的指示 - 董事会巴士 - 一小时后到达巴拉 - 找到旅馆 - 找到宿舍 - 是下午5点 - 喝酒 - 喝酒Caipirinha-昏倒。

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