How to Visit Cala Pregonda | Menorca's Beautiful Red Beach

找一个崎岖和偏远的海滩north of Menorca? The beautiful Cala Pregonda is an excellent choice! Discover how to reach it in this guide.

The beaches on the north of Menorca are dramatically different to those on the south, so solely focussing on those white sand ones would mean you're only getting half the picture.

With its copper-hued sand, clear water, and expansive vista, we think Cala Pregonda is pretty unmissable - even with the extra effort it takes to get there. The bay is completely inaccessible by bus and only possible to visit if you have your own vehicle or on foot viathe Camí de Cavallstrail.

It should really be Cala Pregonda et al though, as heading out here also brings you to a bay with clusters of lovely little stretches of sand and small rocky sunbathing spots - Binem-La, Cala Morts, S' Alairó, Son Mercaduret - and you can choose to lay on only one or spread yourself across them.

Collectively, they definitely deserve their status as one of thebest beaches in Menorca.

In this post, we've shared everything you'll need to know in a clear, straightforward way. It's got all the necessary information on how to visit Cala Pregonda (as well as Binem-La, Cala Morts, S' Alairó, Son Mercaduret) on foot, and with your rental car, plus personal tips on what to bring, how long you need, and facilities (or lack thereof) at these remote beaches in north Menorca.

the essentials

// Collection of remote beaches in northeast Menorca

// Inaccessible with public transport

// Requires a 35-minute walk along the Cami de Cavalls

// Nearest town is Fornells

// No facilities

How to Get to Cala Pregonda

Arriving at the Carpark

Getting to Cala Pregonda (and its associated beaches and coves) is quite the adventure, with your own car being necessary unless hiking.

To begin, you’ll need to make your way to a car park near the beach of Platja Binimel·là. Access is first along a narrow country road (非常narrow in some sections), not far from Fornells, which then turns off onto a 3-minute Wacky Races drive down a very uneven, very potholed, very dusty, very wide, slightly discombobulating track to the dusty, unpaved, and unmarked free car park (maps)

Everything is signposted, but passing places are few and far between on the narrow road with has dry stone walls on each side, so be very cautious when encountering oncoming traffic or in a tight squeeze. It sees quite a lot of traffic due to the popularity of Pregonda and this also being the access road for driving to Platja de Cavalleria and Cavelleria lighthouse.

The parking actually starts around here (maps), by the dusty little turning space and dedicated spot for scooter parking, but some locals park on the road further down to either a) maximise spaces available or b) make things easier for themselves.

Parking is a bit of a free for all, with room for 150+ spaces we reckon, but do try and park tight and sensibly whenever you arrive so it maximises spaces for others arriving later in the day. This beach sees a lot of visitors despite its remoteness, so the car park fills quickly and extends out and out along the Wacky Races road; depending on when you arrive, you may actually end up few minutes walk away from the path to the beaches.

In sum, arrive early for added convenience or just go wherever you can find a space!

Walk From the Carpark to Cala Pregonda

From the car park, follow the clearly signposted Camí de Binimel·là road, which takes you out at Platja Binimel·là (maps) in a few minutes. This is along a dust trail and a little section of boardwalk.

You will likely find a few people sunbathing with parasols Binimel·là, but it’s definitely the least photogenic in this collection of beaches, so we’d recommend continuing on.

From Platja Binimel·là, go left and up along theCamí de Cavalls trailwhich will take you past Cala Morts and Calanca Son Nadal before reaching Cala Pregonda - S' Alairó (maps). This is our favourite section - something that judging by the crowds is a popular opinion - and offers a fairly large expanse of rust-hued sand to laze upon.

It’s also from here that you can access Cala Son Mercaduret - S'Embarcodoret (maps),它提供了一个中等大小的岩石海湾access to shallow, turquoise pools that looked excellent for a dip! If you’re quite partial to lazing atop warm rock rather than dealing with sand in your unmentionables, this is where we’d recommend throwing down the towel.

Alternatively, you can carry on past Cala Pregonda - S' Alairó, and up to the viewpoint before heading down to Cala Pregonda proper (maps), the longest stretch of sand in the bay.

The entire walk should take no longer than 40 minutes and is signposted. The first section is not terribly difficult, but becomes more so if undertaken in the hot summer sun and the hike up to the viewpoint should not be difficult if you have a good level of fitness.

Note that the terrain is fairly rocky underfoot, so we’d recommend not doing it in flip flops if possible.

This walk forms part of Section 6 of theCamí de Cavalls, meaning that you can feasibly also arrive at Cala Pregonda as part of a long day hike on the northern coast but this would be something to only take on for serious hikers outside the hottest summer months.

After you’re done sunbathing and swimming, you simply have to walk all the way back!

Arrive at Cala Pregonda By Boat

If hiking in doesn’t appeal, you’d love to combine a visit to Cala Pregonda with time at sea, or you’re keen to see a little more of Menorca’s northern coast, consider joining a tour which spends time within this beautiful beach’s bay.

This three-hour boat toursets sail from Fornells Bay, and travels around the Cavalleria Cape and onto Cala Pregonda where you have the opportunity to swim and snorkel.

What to Bring, Responsible Travel & Facilities

We recommend spending at least a half-day in this corner of northeast Menorca, but it’s best to factor in a full day, especially if you’re wanting to explore the various beaches along the walk in.

Although the beaches in this part of Menorca are lesser visited that those in the south, Cala Pregonda is very busy during the summer months, especially at weekends.

There’s a restaurant near the car park, as well as toilets, however there’s nothing else on the walk or at any of the beaches though, so you will need bring everything you require for the day with you. Most importantly, you are also 100% responsible for bringing them out and back with you - do not litter and do not leave it behind on the trail.

Pregonda is also nudist friendly, with this largely concentrated on Cala Son Mercaduret next to S'Alairó, as well as some of the more hidden away smallcalas.

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